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Appreciated by drivers everywhere for privacy, protection, and great looks, window tinting is an easy way to customize your car or truck for aesthetics and performance. But where do you go to get beautiful, long-lasting window tint? Autosonics, of course! In addition to our full-service mobile electronics offerings, we’re pleased to provide a full line of window tint services including meticulous installation. Whether you want to cut the sun’s glare for safer driving or affix your window tint as dark as the law allows, we’re the window tinting shop to trust for immaculate results. Give us a call today, or stop by our Highland Park showroom to explore all your options.

As with our car electronics options, the professionals at Autosonics are dedicated to making your window tint service as smooth and satisfactory as possible. From discussing color and shade variants to walking you through available designs and ensuring your installation is top-notch, we’re here to help you get the window tinting outcome you want and the superior customer service you deserve. While amateur application and inferior window films can result in cracking, peeling, and bubbling, our expert installers and quality window tinting products come together for a flawless finish. For window tint that will stand the test of time, you’ve come to the right place!

Versatile and functional, window tinting from Autosonics offers so much more than aesthetic appeal. Most drivers realize that window tint can increase privacy as well as create a sleek appearance, but did you know that automotive window film can actually:

  • Reflect up to 99% of UV rays, protecting you and your passengers from dangerous ultraviolet exposure. It’s true! With professional-grade automotive window tinting, you’ll block the vast majority of UV rays coming into your car or truck and reduce the blinding glare of the sun

  • Block the heat of the sun, helping to keep your vehicle's interior cooler on hot, sunny days. In fact, with Chicago's hot and humid summer weather, the inside of your car can reach scorching temperatures in next to no time. Window tinting helps to alleviate the sweltering heat and keep your vehicle comfortable

  • Protect your car interior, shielding the upholstery and other surfaces from fading and sun damage

  • Safeguard your mobile electronics by keeping them out of view of potential thieves. Crooks are much less likely to break into your vehicle if they can’t set their eyes on the valuable goods inside

As one of the top car audio retailers in the Chicago area, Autosonics extends that level of superior service to all of our vehicle offerings. Our professional window tinting is no exception. We use LLumar film: the best in the business. If you’re serious about improving the safety and comfort of your car, we’re the window tint specialists who can help. Reach us today over the phone or online, or stop by our Highland Park showroom for the full story on window tints. Privacy and appearance are great, but that’s only part of the package when you upgrade your car or truck with our incredible window tinting. Call now!

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