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A marine audio system is a stereo system specifically designed for a boat. Standard car and home audio systems are not appropriate for aquatic conditions. Therefore, any audio system that is to be installed in marine vehicles should include protection from the elements.
Autosonics specializes in supplying, servicing, and installing high quality marine audio equipment for your boat. Autosonics vision is to create the ultimate service and sound experience for every single client. We offer free on-site estimates for all your audio needs. All products that we carry are marine grade. Autosonics only carries high quality name brand equipment that is tried and true for the best possible trouble free performance.  All of our installations use tinned copper wire, heat shrink crimp connectors and stainless hardware.  Just give us a call, so we can evaluate your needs and take a look at your boat.

Marine stereos have electronic parts that are coated to protect them from water, salt and the sun's UV rays. If your boat already has a factory stereo but you're unhappy with its location, you may opt to mount your stereo. Mounted stereos come with enclosures to protect them from the elements, and can be mounted in a location of your choice.


If you want your boat sound system to produce high volume and rich sound, you will need to include an amplifier in your system. Amplifiers have separate channels to connect each speaker, and come in a range of power output levels. The more power, the clearer and louder the sound. Large boats requiring more than four speakers may need more than one amplifier.


We can custom install LED lighting. Whether you're looking to illuminate a small area for safety or want a full blown lighting solution, we have you covered.

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